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The Transplant Coin v3
This Whitepaper version is not final and it will suffer changes over the coming few months.
Our lives have changed over these last two years with the national Covid-19 pandemic and many lives have been lost and organ donations were down 22%. While in 2019 there was a record number of 39,719 organ transplants performed in the United States, most transplant recipients encountered costly anti-rejection medications, other follow up care expenses, and any remaining medical bills.
According to UNOS, anti-rejection medications alone can exceed $2,500 per month. With that being said, The Transplant Coin v3 (TPCv3) giving a lifetime experience is vital in their success rate and wants to assist in eliminating the out-of-pocket expenses so that focus can be shifted to living with a brighter tomorrow.
This unique cryptocurrency is designed to assist transplant recipients with their financial burdens for post care expenses. Our project will raise the bar in charity, eliminate the financial burden of as many transplant recipients as our cryptocurrency can buy, and show the world that a gift is still a gift. The Transplant Coin v3 (TPCv3) represents a true gifting community and we expect it to be strong and well known across this nation.
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